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Focus House Digital is a custom photo print lab located in Walla Walla Washington servicing South Eastern Washington and Northeast Oregon. We specialize in full color and black and white inkjet printing, digital photo restoration, image manipulation, flat-art reproduction, color correction, and image scanning.

Whether it be fine art prints for exhibition in a gallery or restoration of your cherished family photographs, we give all jobs the same attention to detail. Please call 509-520-0376 or email us below to discuss your next project.

- Alan Jones   

Walla Walla, art reproduction, photo printing, photo and art copying, restoration, color correction, ink jet printing, canvas printing, Walla Walla, WA

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Alan Jones - Owner
Alan Jones 

Alan has been a resident of Walla Walla since 1982.  He developed an interest in traditional film photography while in college. That initial interest eventually lead to the use of large format cameras and both silver and platinum- palladium printing.  He utilized his downtown Walla Walla darkroom for both his own fine art printing and the work of others.

His introduction to digital printing came in 1998 at a workshop at the "Rocky Mt. School of Photography." This was followed by seven workshops over the years at "Santa Fe Photography Workshops". More recently he traveled to Vermont for a digital fine art printing workshop at Cone Editions, one of the most preeminent fine art photography printing studios in the country.

Over the years Alan has utilized many different archival papers and ink sets in his digital printing.  Now as owner of Focus House Digital he utilizes state of the art commercial printers and scanners to produce work of the highest quality for his clients.

In the years prior to Focus House, Alan had a broad range of work eperience.  He owned the "Ice-Burg restaurant" for ten years and  "Coffee Cravings" for another six years.  He Started " Walla Walla Vintners" with partners in 1995 and continued there with a majority interest for three years.  "Cat's - Paw Demolition and Salvage" came along next and he still maintains the business selling reclaimed lumber to contractors.